QMCPY talks at the 14th International Conference on Monte Carlo Methods and Applications

The conference covers a wide range of topics related to Monte Carlo methods, including traditional areas such as computational statistical physics, Quasi Monte Carlo methods, and Markov Chain Monte Carlo in high dimensions. It also addresses emerging topics such as generative models, experimental design in Uncertainty Quantification, Monte Carlo simulations and High-Performance Computing, reinforcement learning and control, statistical learning, and Monte Carlo sampling. Furthermore, the conference explores the application of Monte Carlo methods in various fields, including economics, industry, finance, medicine, and climate risks. This provides a platform for researchers and practitioners from different domains to share their experiences, discuss challenges, and explore new applications and techniques.

Aleksei Sorokin gave a talk about collaborative integrations with the QMCPy Framework. With collaborative integrations referring to the ability for QMCPy to seamlessly work together with different software systems.

For example, QMCPy could be integrated with a machine learning framework like TensorFlow or PyTorch to incorporate QMC methods into the training or evaluation processes of machine learning models. This integration could potentially improve the efficiency and accuracy of the models by leveraging the superior convergence properties of the QMC integration.

Similarly, QMCPy could collaborate with optimization libraries such as SciPy or CVXPY to perform optimization tasks that involve high-dimensional integrals. By combining the optimization capabilities of these libraries with the efficient integration methods of QMCPy, more effective and accurate optimization solutions can be obtained.

The collaborative integrations with QMCPy can also involve domain-specific applications. For instance, QMCPy could be integrated with software used in financial modeling to enable more accurate pricing or risk assessment of complex financial derivatives. It could also be integrated with climate modeling tools to enhance the accuracy of simulations and predictions related to climate risks.


Here is a link to the conference website:

14th International Conference on Monte Carlo Methods and Applications – Sciencesconf.org

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