Simplifying and Improving Uncertainty Quantification with UM-Bridge

Uncertainty quantification is used to determine how uncertainties in data affect a model. There are many different ways to quantify uncertainty. Choosing the correct method of quantification can be tough because there are many different factors. The different methods of quantification share similar operations. However, using the correct method can be complicated and is time-consuming to implement. UM-Bridge is a software framework that offers an interface for these numerical models. It links between different uncertainty quantification code and different modeling software. This interface can be used in various programming languages, which standardizes and simplifies the uncertainty quantification code. This means users do not have to worry about all the complicated details. It also allows for better scaling using Kubernetes, where each model instance runs in a portable container. UM-bridge can help improve models with the use of QMCpy. Specifically, in the approximation of high dimensional integrals, which are common in uncertainty quantification.

For more information check out the SIAM NEWS article that talks about this: Lowering the Entry Barrier to Uncertainty Quantification (

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